The characteristics of the frequency conversion cabinet

The frequency conversion cabinet applies the frequency converter to drag the power device the control cabinet. Because of its good starting performance, speed control performance and energy-saving effect, it has become the current promotion of the power-driven mode. The frequency conversion cabinet, the ordinary power cabinet or the control cabinet changes from the traditional dragging way to the frequency conversion dragging way. In short: The application of inverter drive power device control cabinet. Because of its good starting performance, speed control performance and energy-saving effect, it has become the current promotion of the power-driven mode.
Application area:
1.Widely used in all types of urban and rural tap water supply systems
2.High-rise building water supply, domestic water and fire water, closed-loop industrial production water pressure control
3.Automatic Control of Boiler make-up pump and heating circulating pump
4.Irrigation, Fountain Control
5.Air conditioning system and cooling circulating water control 6. Secondary pressurization control of flow system in water plant, pump station and petrochemical industry.
7.TSLB converter cabinet can be used for various needs of energy-saving transformation or need 0-speed start-up production line motor control cabinet.
High efficiency and energy saving can be known by the motor formula, the system motor power consumption and motor speed of the cubic relationship, when the pressure is constant, water pump output and motor speed is proportional. When the water consumption is reduced, the system maintains the constant pressure of the pipe network, reduces the water supply by reducing the pump rotation, and reduces the power consumption according to the cubic characteristic. For example, the water supply is 80% of the rated value, the motor energy consumption is 51.2% of the rated value [(0.83)] , the energy saving is 48.8% , considering the actual system energy saving rate is lower than the theoretical value, but still considerable. Frequency conversion cabinet function.
The high-power frequency conversion cabinet can greatly reduce the impact of the high-power pump fan on the power grid and the large voltage drop, and the energy-saving effect is obvious. It has been nearly a decade since general purpose inverters began to be listed in China as an early commodity. The sales volume has been increasing year by year, and there is a market of more than one billion RMB in the whole year. Among them. Most of the imported brands, power as small as 100 watts to thousands of kilowatts; simple or complex function; low or high precision; slow or fast response: PG (tachometer) or no PG; noise or no noise and so on. For many users, this decade has gone through many updates, is now used by the inverter mostly belongs to advanced models if from the application point of view, our level and developed countries are no different. As a domestic manufacturer, through the marketing of foreign advanced technology in the past ten years, we are actively developing home-made inverter. Strive to catch up with the level of the developed countries in the world. Reviewing the development of general-purpose inverter technology abroad in the past ten years, which makes us deeply understand the trend of AC drive and control technology, and how to stand on the high starting point in combination with our national conditions to develop our own products should be said to have a very positive significance.


Post time: Jul-29-2022