16-Bend TS Series Electric Cabinet

The 16-Bend TS series electric cabinet is the same plate , after sixteen bends,there are seven more bends than the PS nine-fold profile, which greatly improves the strength of the profile;the symmetrical section design of the steel provides a basis for flexible cabinet combination( can be along with width and depth arbitrary cabinet layout ).Minimum order quantity 20 sets

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The 16-Bend TS series electric cabinet material is using the national standard cold-rolled steel plate, high-grade stainless steel,stainless steel SUS304L(food and beverage industry),SUS316L(medical and pharmaceutical industry),SUS201(economical stainless steel) can be selected. Compared with the nine-fold profile cabinet , it has higher air-tightness ,rigidity and flexibility.


Key Features
The installation base surface is increased to four, and the effective installation space is increased by 50mm in the depth and width directions compared with the PS nine-fold series, which increases the installation space of the entire cabinet by 15%.
The bottom frame of the cabinet adopts 13-bend profiles,which has excellent load-bearing strength and seismic strength.It uses a labyrinth structure with tortuous paths to ensure a higher level of protection.The top and bottom are sealed by welding to ensure higher sealing and higher strength torsion resistance .

The 16-Bend TS series electric cabinet standard configuration:16-bend profile frame,front door , mounting plate, back plate, top plate, side plate, base, lifting ring,three-section galvanized inlet bottom plate ,a pair of punched flower beams, pull rod three-point double-tooth lock,process handle lock, cabinet door equipped with galvanized square tube,reinforcing ribs and polyurethane coated foam sealing strip.
Generally, 16-bend profiles are made by special mold machines,which are high in strength,high in precision,and not easy to be twist and deformed.The top plated can be removed, and the side plates can be disassembled.It is suitable for combining cabinets in any direction.The door corners can be extruded and formed by special corner forming equipment , which is round and beautiful without welding and polishing .

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