For industrial enclosures or outdoor enclosures we can build them for you quickly and economically. We have many years of experience building electrical enclosures. Every electrical enclosure box we build ships complete with mounting hardware, fasteners and your choice of accessories and powder coat finishes.
The stainless steel junction box provides operators with a rugged enclosure that is designed to hold and protect equipment in flammable enviroments.New electrical enclosures stand up to rigorous wash down requirements.Constructed of 304 stainless steel,the design features sloped surfaces to shed water and minimize bacterial growth.It easily handles high temperatures, high pressure spray, and harsh cleaning chemicals.
To start work on your metal enclosure we’ll begin with a rough sketch or design. You can either send us your CAD file or talk to one of our design experts and describe what you need. If you’re looking for outdoor enclosures, we have plenty of experience in building electrical enclosure boxes to protect your valuable devices from the elements. We’ll send you a quote and 3-D renderings of your electrical enclosures and there is no minimum order required.
Our people have years of experience building electrical enclosures. We learned early on that on-time delivery is just as important as the quality of the product we ship.  We are committed to accurate delivery. In fact, we’ll pick up the shipping costs if your electrical enclosures don’t leave our dock when we say they will.  None of the other manufacturers of industrial enclosures offer that to their customers!
Some manufacturers view an enclosure as just another metal box. We know it’s one of the last pieces in your puzzle and it has to fit right. To help you fit it in accurately and give your panel builders a head start on the assembly, we can ship the subplates for your metal enclosure ahead of time.


Post time: Feb-05-2024