Stamping sheet metal parts are the use of conventional or special

stamping equipment, power, so that the sheet metal in the mold directly by the deformation force and deformation, so as to obtain a certain shape, size and performance of the production of parts technology. Sheet metal, mold and equipment are three elements of stamping. Press stamping temperature is divided into hot stamping and cold stamping. The former is suitable for high deformation resistance, poor plastic sheet  processing; the latter at room temperature, the sheet is commonly used  stamping method. It is one of the main methods of metal  plastic processing (or pressure processing), also under the material  molding engineering technology.

Today’s  high-strength steel, ultra-high strength steel to achieve a good vehicle  lightweight, improve the vehicle’s impact strength and safety  performance, it has become an important direction for the development of  automotive steel. But with the increase of sheet  strength, the traditional cold stamping process is prone to rupture in  the forming process, unable to meet the processing requirements of high strength steel. In the case can not meet the molding conditions, the current international research gradually ultrahigh strength steel hot stamping forming technology. The technology is a new technology that combines the forming, heat transfer and microstructure transformation. It mainly uses the high temperature austenite state, the sheet plasticity increases, the yield strength reduces the characteristics, through the mold forming process. However,thermoforming needs further study on process conditions, metal phase transition and CAE analysis technology. At present, the technology is  monopolized by foreign manufacturers and its domestic development is slow.



Post time: Oct-08-2022