The Power Distribution Cabinet System Project from DANFOSS

Our company is a research and development, production , sales as one ,specializing in the manufacture of high standards, high quality cabinet , power distribution cabinet system.The products are widely used in instrument, electric power, communication , medical equipment and other industries ,and are well-known for their excellent quality . and well received by new and old users .

It is honor, as a qualified supplier to DANFOSS, we have been undertaking DANFOSS’s electrical cabinet projects, including wiring and assembly. As shown.


The Features: Combination Cabinet, suitable for combination cabinet use, the top plate can be removed, the side plate can be removed, more convenient to work, the door plate is high off the ground, about 25mm, to ensure that the door is flexible and smooth, it is composed of 9-fold profile cabinet or 16-profile cabinet. The special door panel square tube strengthening system can be fixed on the door panel with screws for easy disassembly. The frame is covered with 25mm spacing modular holes to ensure the installation of flexibility, versatility. The galvanized mounting plate can be pushed into the cabinet from the front through the guide rail using the plastic slider, and the two sides have U-shaped folding edges to make the mounting plate stronger and easier to handle. Materials: cold-rolled steel plate, stainless steel, surface treatment cabinet phosphating primer treatment, external powder coating, color can be divided into RAL7032 and RAL7035 two kinds of weave, stainless steel is generally double-sided wire drawing treatment. The installation plate is galvanized, the specific color according to customer demand.

Protection Level: IP55

Post time: Nov-10-2022