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Customized copper stamping produce part is a softer metal parts known for it strength,malleability,ductility,heat and electrical conductivity,corrosion resistance,non-magnetism and machinability, compared to all non-precious metals.Customized copper stamping produce part has the highest rating for conductivity ,which makes it a great material selection for electrical-power applications.Minimum order quantity 20 sets

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Excellent is a professional OEM custom metal parts manufacturer, ISO certified, dedicated to providing one-stop manufacturing solutions for global buyers in various industries. From product design, low or high volume manufacturing, quality control, and authoritative material and dimensional reporting, More than 5,000+ companies choose Excellent ,we always on-time delivery of high-quality custom metal parts.
We have more than 20 years of experience in custom metal and sheet metal parts manufacturing, specializing in: CNC Machining service, sheet metal fabrication, sheet metal stamping, metal welding services and surface treatment services, etc.

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Key Features
Conductivity & heat resistance: Second only to silver, copper possesses superior thermal conductivity that makes it a staple for electrical, HVAC and gas tubing applications.
Finish: A beautiful “colored” metal, copper is often selected for architectural, design hardware and consumer goods applications.
Durability & corrosion resistance: Copper is non-reactive, and does not become brittle in sunlight or cold temperatures. It can also be alloyed with other metals to improve corrosion resistance in adverse environmental conditions.
Malleability and ductility: Copper’s high ductility and malleability after hardening makes it ideal for wiring, tubing, and other industrial purposes.
Sanitary: Copper is a naturally hygienic metal with antimicrobial properties, making it useful for the food & beverage industry.
Sustainability: Copper is highly recyclable without degradation or quality loss, so it is an attractive green option.

As with all metals, copper has its own advantages and disadvantages for metal stamped parts.Some of the characteristics of copper that affect its desirability for metal stamping include:Copper is corrosion resistant.Copper tarnishes quickly with substantial discoloration.Copper is excellent for brazing and soldering.Copper can be polished for decorative purpose.However,the polished copper must be coated to minimize tarnishing.
Excellent Metal Stamping uses different types of copper for your metal stamping project. Our metal and alloy specialists can help you select the type of copper that is best for your application, and copper may be alloyed with other metals to improve strength and long-term durability. Common copper uses include:architectural features, solar heat collectors,air conditioning component, electrical applications ,medical devices, transformer ,motor & cable ,plumbing & roofing ,Hygienic vessels.

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