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General Carbon steel Non-standard stamping parts process includes plate cutting into due form,blanking,punching ,bending,flanging,embossing , coining and forming, etc. Depending on required procedures,one or multiple die stations might be needed for single or multiple operations to finish work pieces.

Our business stands out with advantages of die set R&D facilities and capabilities.In addition to sheet metal stamping operations,We also help customers design and manufacture metal stamping dies .Minimum order quantity 20 sets

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The choice of the type of the carbon steel non-standard stamping parts presses and manufacturing process depends on the complexity of the finished products with other factors including the material ,thickness,measurements and quantities taken into consideration .Generally speaking , micro or miniature complex precision metal stamping parts in large quantities such as terminals and connectors widely used in the electronics industry are usually manufactured with high-speed presses and progressive dies.Whereas large progressive stamping parts in smaller quantities are usually manufactured with heavy-duty presses of higher tonnage capabilites and single-stage dies. We offer flexible solutions for various business needs.

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Most applications that involve steel production use carbon steel. This metal contains various trace elements of different alloy products. Depending on your specific requirements, there are three subcategories of carbon steel, including:
High Carbon Steel. This carbon steel features carbon content comprising 0.60% to 1.4% of the total weight. While the high carbon content makes it the most durable of the carbon steel alloys, it’s also the least workable.
Medium Carbon Steel. Carbon contents for medium carbon steel are between 0.25% and 0.60% of the steel’s mass. This type of carbon steel is normally combined with other alloys such as chromium and molybdenum to increase its strength and resistance to wear.
Low Carbon Steel. Low carbon steels feature carbon contents of 0.03% to 0.08%. The low carbon content makes them highly resistant to corrosion, and they are far more workable than high carbon steel.

Carbon steel non-standard stamping parts are hard metal that offers good strength and malleability ,but not more than stainless steel .Carbon steel stamping parts are not a ductile metal or resistant to corrosion like stainless steel because of its carbon content of up to 2.1 percent.Carbon steel is known for having a lower melting point and higher thermal conductivity and heat distribution over stainless steel .
Excellent can produce carbon steel non-standard stamping parts such as bracket ,busbars,electronic shielding components , lead frames,press-fit pins, terminals ,wire and cable connections.

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