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Precision metal stamping spare parts are our company business stands out with advantages of die set R&D facilities and capabilities.In addition to sheet metal stamping operations, we also help customers design and manufacture metal stamping dies.Minimum order quantity 20 sets

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Precision metal stamping spare parts refer to the manufacturing process starting from sheet metal coil placed into the stamping machine, once the feeds reach the forming station,the die set installed inside.The stamping machine punches the material into desired shapes.After the sheet metal is made into a net shape by the die set, the manufacture could be completed in stages .The die set is designed in accordance with the shape of the finished products. The stamping process can be done through various methods such as bending , punching,flanging ,embossing,extrusion ,extension and shearing,It could involve single-stage motion or multiple methods applied in stages on sheet metal or non-metallic material.

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Key Features
Advantages of Precision Metal Stamping: Precision stamping comes into its own when handling the production of precise metal parts. Once the equipment and dies are set, the process can run in a highly automated manner. This translates into 2 distinct advantages.

Cost efficiency in production: Labor costs drop as production levels increase, making precision metal stamping a good choice for high-volume production of complex parts
Consistent quality and accuracy: Precision metal stamping enables the production of very precise parts to the high degree of accuracy required in many industries today.

Excellent can produce precision metal stamping such as bracket,electronic shielding components,lead frames,press-fit pins, terminals ,wire and cable connectors.
The growing demand for precision metal parts in various industries— from medical to automotive to aerospace has pushed precision metal stamping to the forefront of manufacturing today. This is because it offers a high degree of design flexibility for defining and implementing minute features with tight tolerances and unique configurations.

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