Customized Metal Plate Battery Case

Minimum order quantity 20 sets

  • Product name: Battery case
  • Material: Stainless steel, cold rolled steel or aluminum alloy
  • Color: Customized as per clients' requirements
  • Surface treatment: Wiredrawing, powder coating
  • OEM: Support
  • Package: Carton or wooden case
  • Product Detail

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    Battery case can be ordinary dry cell batteries, lithium batteries or other rechargeable batteries and other battery assemblies in the camera and photo function of the multifunctional camera, used to replace the existing technology dedicated lithium batteries, so that the multifunctional camera can use the battery type increased, even if the battery is dead, just instantly replaced with a new battery can continue to function, very convenient, to ensure the normal use of multifunctional cameras.

    Key Features

    Product Name: Battery Case

    Appearance: Customized

    Type: Case

    Color: Customized as per clients’ requirements

    Material: Stainless steel,cold rolled steel or aluminum alloy

    Surface Treatment: Wiredrawing ,electronic coating .

    OEM: Customized as per clients’ requirement.

    Package:Carton or Wooden Case

    If you choose ordinary dry cell batteries or other low-priced batteries, you can reduce the cost of multifunctional camera batteries and the cost of use, to meet the needs of middle and low-end consumer groups.

    Battery Case is a kind of plug can power the equipment without the east, can be understood as itself is a large battery, lithium-ion useful rechargeable batteries, directly connected to the equipment can be powered. However, the battery case is also limited by its own battery capacity, used up also need to be recharged, the main way is used in the field without power supply socket over the venue and so on.

    The plant specializes in manufacturing various quality housings for instruments and meters. Machining can also be based on supplied drawings and samples.

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